Japan Geotechnical Consultants Association


  • 1-5-13,Uchikanda,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,101-0047,Japan
  • Tel:+81-3-3518-8873 FAX:+81-3-3518-8876
  • URL:http://www.zenchiren.or.jp

Our Main Lines of Services

1. Lifting Up the Status of Geotechnical Consulting Industry

  • Research and Study on the Laws
  • Research and Study on Contract Systems
  • Systematizing Specifications and Addition Integration Forms
  • Making Mid/Long Term Visions
  • Establishing Code of Ethics

2. Improving Technology

  • Executing "Geotechnical Survey Field Engineer Qualification Test"; approved by Minister of Construction
  • Offering "Registration Renewal Workshop for Qualified Geotechnical Field Engineer" approved by Minister of Construction
  • Holding "Geotechnology Forum"
  • Offering Short Workshops for Field Engineers
  • Responding to Matters of Making the Information of the Ground Open to Public
  • Writing the Result Checkup Manual
  • Study and Development of New Technology
  • Research and Study on Securing and Developing Technicians
  • Publishing "Geotechnology and Survey"

3. Establishing Business Foundation

  • Leading Structure Improvement Programs
  • Operating various activities to secure and expand Geotechnical Consultation Business
  • Activities on Improving Addition Integration and Contracts
  • Providing Reference on Management

4. Improving Employees' Welfare

  • Establishing Welfare Pension Funds
  • Managing Insurance Systems
  • Survey and Study on Work Safety

Our Business Activities and Operations

  • Our business activities and operations are executed by andthrough the bodies below:
    General Meeting: consisted of 58 delegates representing all of the ten Area Associations throughout the nation
    Board of Directors: 20 directors
    Standing Board of Directors: consisted of chairman and vicechairmen,Managing
    directors and member directors
    Standing Special Committees: 10 committees
  • Concerning the individual issues and commissioned business Special Committeeswill be set up accordingly.

<Area Associations: Location and the Number of Membership>

Area TEL Membership
Hokkaido 011-221-3044 68
Tohoku 022-268-1033 102
Hokuriku 0776-27-3168 101
Kanto 03-3252-2961 153
Chubu 052-937-4606 62
Kansai 06-6441-0056 98
Chugoku 082-221-2666 115
Shikoku 087-821-4367 63
Kyushu 092-471-0059 149
Okinawa 098-879-9409 20